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The Capricornia region in central Queensland (Australia) is, according to this tourism website, where cowboys meet the coast. Sounds like the perfect place to set a story, don’t you think? And I have the perfect title for it, too – A Place to Remember. In fact, it’s already written and I’m working hard with my UK publisher (Head of Zeus) to bring it to the world this April (in print and ebook), so keep an eye out.

While it’s a pretty special story, I feel obliged to ‘fess up about this novel – my fifth. To explain, I’ve recorded a video confession – an apology for disappointing my readers with my last four novels. As I said, the video (below) explains.

Now . . .  about this year’s Coastal Blog Hop book you can win – The Other Side of the Season.

The Other Side of the Season is my fourth novel and I’m taking readers from the country to the coast. Check out the blurb or watch this 40 second trailer.




And, speaking of videos . . . about that confession. Check it out on You Tube: https://youtu.be/uk9iet5ALq0

Thank you for blog hopping. Have a wonderful Christmas, wherever you are in the world. (Maybe let me know where you’re from in your comment.) I’ll be back where the book began, on the Capricornia Coast looking for those cowboys!

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54 thoughts on “Where cowboys meet the coast – WIN w/ the Christmas Blog Hop

  1. Veronica

    Your video confession had me intrigued. I feel your imaginative locations can be found all over Australia. Looking forward to reading another heartfelt story when A Place to Remember is released.

  2. Kris Pearson

    The trouble with using ‘real’ small locations is that people can be too identifiable. For instance, there’s maybe only one local headmaster/store owner. Like you, I’ve slightly twisted real locations and renamed them so the atmosphere is realistic, but no-one’s going to sue me! Nice post. Jenn.

  3. Patricia Franks

    Can’t wait for your new book to join all the others on my bedroom bookshelf. 🙂

    1. Jenn J McLeod Post author

      Thank you for being there from the very beginning, Patricia (fellow tree lover. Oh, I d refernece a tree in A Place to Remember. I am sure you will love it!)

  4. Amanda Letts

    Great blog. I am soooo excited about your new book – I cannot wait to read it. Bring on April!!

  5. Alison Swann

    Love all your books and really looking forward to the next one. Through social media, as an avid reader, we are able to take the journey with you. Thank you.

  6. Claire Holderness

    I can’t wait to meet the cowboys by the coast. One day I will get up there and see it for myself.

  7. Mary Preston

    Where I live – western QLD – it’s more cowboys than coast. Love both though.

  8. Vanessa Haley

    What a great story. I can’t wait to read the book in whole. The trailer was captivating!

  9. Lesley

    I’m in the UK where the weather is grey and damp. I’d love to win your story.

  10. clynsg

    Real versus make-believe locations can be tricky. I remember one book that I read some time ago that was set in a town with a twin name to a local one, but had many identifiable landmarks. The fact that things were skewed was actually disconcerting to someone who knew the facts about the real town, but I am certain did not even make an impact on others.

  11. Wanda

    It is interesting that you travel in a caravan to get locations for your books. I live in Tennessee and when we speak of Christmas, I think of cold weather and maybe snow. It is strange to me to think of a hot Christmas. Our world is such an interesting place.

  12. Kathy Davis

    You’re a new author for me, and I’m so happy to find you. Your books look great. I signed up for your email.

    1. Jenn J McLeod Post author

      I am so happy you are happy! Thank you for signing up. If you are on Goodreads, there will be a giveaway going up soon. Otherwise there will be newsletters with book news/opportunities coming your way. Very nice to meet you, Kathy.

  13. Joye

    I am always looking for new authors to read. Your books sound like the kind I enjoy reading.

  14. Trish Drinkwater

    Wonderful reading, fabulous blog. The cover of A Place To Remember is glorious – as are all your covers, something I think is important. I hope that doesn’t sound shallow but who’s going to pick up a book without an appealing cover? SO DELIGHTED about the new book! Have a wonderful Christmas, Jenn. An author has really “arrived” in my opinion when you feel they are one of your friends – you have that ability!

  15. Suzannah

    Well Jenn, your confession is just a testament that you must be an absolutely incredible writer if people think that your settings are real. I just found you through the blog hop so I’ve never read your books before. But I am looking forward to them.
    God bless and Merry Christmas from California, USA

    1. Jenn J McLeod Post author

      Thank you, Suzannah, I hope you can track my books down in the USA. I’m hoping my April release – A Place to Remember – will be avail there in ebook. Do let me know. Keep in touch. I love hearing from readers.


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