Jenn’s Blog Crawl

Remember the good ol’ pub crawl?

  • partying late,
  • tripping barefoot from pub to pub,
  • throwing up in your neighbours garden.

What memories! These days I mostly party online (my neighbour’s crysanthamums are glad about that) and you’re invited to join my Blog Crawl.

What better way to celebrate a book release? You’ll find out lots of background goss into the characters too.

My Simmering Season Blog Crawl begins…


February 15 – Rowena Holloway’s, Writer’s Block . This is a beautiful blog about my books (and House for all Seasons lovers will enjoy the pictures. A beaut blog to follow any time.

February 26 – I’m on The Flying Pony (no, I have not spent too long in the pub!) with fellow rural fiction author, Pamela Cook.

March 16 – I’m across the ditch with good friend and author, Rae Roadley.

March 24 – I’m sitting around Phillipa Fioretti’s kitsch table and chatting about food memories.

March 27 – I’m chowing down with Maggie Christensen at Cafe Carla.

April 1 – It’s party time on my blog, celebrating the arrival of Simmering Season.

April 3 – The music-loving Mandy Magro and I share a song!

April 4 – Feast your eyes on Cathryn Hein’s Friday Feast for a tasty treat, courtesy of Calingarry Crossing pub’s chief cook, barmaid and bottle-washer!

April 11 – a magical time on Juliet Madison’s blog.

April 15 – It’s ‘The queen of covers that make you go “ahhh!“‘ Yep, I’m visiting Fiona Palmer.

May 30 – I’m putting on the good gear when Ms Stuart requests the pleasure of my company



Check out my House for all Seasons blog crawl during 2012/13 where I am chatting with some wonderful ANZ (Australia/New Zealand) authors about ‘writerly’ things, discussing the story behind the book, and generally having a laugh. I can personally recommend all these wonderful author blogs too.

signpost2My House for all Seasons blog crawl started:


January 6 – Susanne Bellamy (a little Italian surprise awaits)

January 23 – Left Field with Lily (Malone) A funny lady and an author to watch.

February 6 – Jenn’s Author Harvest (yes, I’m interviewing myself! But check out the bumper crop of great authors I’ve Harvested so far in the spring and summer harvest.)

February 20 – Helene Young (a special treat for people who love dogs.  Did someone say treat?)

February 24 – Pamela Cook’s Flying Pony (I’ve always wanted a pony.)

February 27 – Louise Reynolds (Shhh! Louise is CookingThe Books.)

March 1 – RELEASE DAY CELEBRATIONS – right here on my blog. (Prizes to be won)

March 5 – Dawn Barker (author of Fractured)

March 6 – Loretta Hill’s Pen Pals (I’m dropping her a good old fashioned letter with all my news)

March 8 – Juliet Madison (talking past, present & future)

March 9 – Whitney K-E (and interesting Q&A)

March 12 – Mandy Magro (a lyrical interlude … on words and music)

March 17 – Rachael Johns (on my secret life. Grrr! Woof! Hint!)

March 19 – Romance Writers of Australian (they’re putting House for all Seasons in the spotlight)

March 19 – I’m off the blog and heading to my local Coffs Harbour library to chat with locals and celebrate Seniors Week

March 22 – Cathryn Hein’s Friday Feast (a healthy recipe – even for non-cook)

April 7 – Jennifer Scouller (Sunday in Pilyara. talking about why Mr Potato Head can never be George Clooney!)

April 11 – Fiona Palmer (come home to the country and meet the menagerie – Part 2)

April 20 – Jennie Jones (I went knocking on her country manor door)

May 1 – Eleni’s Taverna – (couldn’t resist an invite to a taverna. We may just drink… Opa!)


May 27 – Sunday Lunch with Juliet Madison

December 21 – Juanita Kees (in the armchair with Juanita and a favourite House for all Seasons excerpt)

To be updated as they happen. Stay tuned.

(I am, of course, open to invitations. I promise to not throw up or disgrace myself. Those days a long gone!)