Author Events, Workshops & Appearances

Whether you are looking for craft workshops (see bottom of page), a literary dinner experience, a book signing, or an intimate chat about books and publishing, I’m your girl!

Jenny and Diane, Campaspe Shire Libraries

In fact, here’s what Library Services Manager, Jenny Mustey (Campaspe Shire, Victoria) had to say:


“Our library service was thrilled to recently host Jenn J McLeod at our Rochester Library. It was a warm and engaging presentation that pleased the many readers that came along, many mentioning to us afterwards how highly they rated Jenn’s talk because it featured such a wonderful slide show to accompany her talk.  
Having the opportunity to bring a popular Australian writer to a rural setting is always great and when one can entertain and inform the audience like Jenn can it’s fabulous!”


Yes, I do love to chat about books, my writing process, and share the highs, the lows, the pitfalls and my experiences in the publishing industry. If you are a small library without a budget for events, let me know. I can waive appearance fees in some instances*, but travel expenses are appreciated. Contact me (*Not where attendees are being charged a fee. Charity fundraisers excluded.)

Types of author events you might consider:

  • Author talk: Book clubs, social/community/fundraising groups, U3A, Men’s Sheds, etc from within your region can invite Jenn to talk to gain insights into the book biz, the process of writing, and engage in a Q&A.
  • Workshop: Jenn can conduct sessions and share invaluable tips and knowledge on how to get started on a writing project.
  • Author talks and workshops can take place anywhere and anytime: in a library, a garden, at a long table lunch, over a glass of wine, or a morning tea. (Bold/blue = upcoming)

THE WEST – From October 2018

Writer in Residence: Serenity Press Writers’ Retreat, Busselton 10 – 15 November, 2018

Reader event: West Coast Fiction Festival: November 3, 2018 The Rendezvous Hotel, West Coast Highway, Scarborough, Perth Tickets on sale November 2017

QUEENSLAND – February – August 2018

The Granite Belt region libraries – TBC

Tenterfield libraries – TBC

Brisbane book release tour – TBC

Rockhampton Region Book Launch and tour – April (details to come)

VICTORIA (& and a bit of Sth Aust) 2017 – DONE & FUN!

Rosedale – An intimate chat at Cafe 3847 & Co, Rosedale, with Morwell author, Lea Darragh. Tickets limited. Thur 16 Feb, 7 – 9pm with Readers Emporium

Moe Library – Fri 17 Feb, 11 – 12 noon with Readers Emporium

Traralgon Library, with Lea Darragh Fri 17 Feb  with Readers Emporium

Bairnsdale – Book signing: 17 December 2016 with Just Books

Lakes Entrance – Book signing: 6 January 2017 with Just Books

Mount Gambier Library – Sun April 9, 2017 with Collins Booksellers

Naracoorte Library – Wed April 10, 2017 – Collins Booksellers

Millicent Library – Tues April 11, 2017  –  with Collins Booksellers (Mount Gambier)

Rochester Library – Monday August 22, 2017 10.30am – with Collins Booksellers (Echuca)

Cobram Library – Monday 10 July, 2017 – 2.00pm

Rutherglen Library – Thursday July 27, 2017 10.30am

Yakandandah – Tuesday August 1, 2017 – 10.30am – with Beechworth Books

Yarrawonga Library – Monday August 14, 2017 2.00pm 

Albury (NSW)/Wodonga – Workshop: Write On The Murray Literary Festival. 13 – 17 September, 2017. I’ll be holding a workshop and taking part on a Q&A panel.


NSW 2016 – DONE & DUSTY! (But I had a ball during the Western NSW Tour)

Moree Library – Author chat:  July 7th, 2016 @ 4pm
Bookings appreciated: (02) 6757 3370
And they have amazing coffee by the look of this! Yowza!

Tamworth Library – 23rd July, 2016 @ 2pm
Booking your seat: 02 67675217
NBN News come on board the gypsy writer caravan! CLICK to view news report

Dubbo – The Book Connection – Saturday 6 August @ 10.30am
Book your seat:  The Book Connection
178 Macquarie Street, Dubbo  |  02 6882 3311

Dubbo – Red Earth Winery – Sunday 7 August @ 3pm
An event to complement Red Earth’s usual wine tasting offering, readers, aspiring authors, fiction and wine lovers can also enjoy an intimate chat as Jenn talks about books and publishing and the writing of her latest release – The Other Side of the Season.
RED EARTH ESTATE | 18 Camp Rd Dubbo NSW 2830 | 6885 6676

Mudgee Readers Festival: August, 2016 (two sessions)
Wine and wordplay
When: Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th of August, 2016

Click here for Mudgee 2016 event details


Australian Voices in Print Tour: NSW, June, 2015
Eleven towns/events in eleven days with authors: Karen M. Davis and Tricia Stringer.

Cardiff Library – Author Chat: May 27, 2014
In conversation with Helene Young and Wendy James

Romance Writers of Australian National Conference: Sydney August 2014
Workshop: The Secret to Small Town Twists & Secrets

NSW Writers’ Centre: September 21, 2013
Symposium: Selling your book in the digital age.
Panel Chair – ‘Can Author Promotion Be A Creative Act?’ More info and bookings.

Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival: 2013
Speaker: Small Town Secrets.
Panelist : The role of editing and mentoring (with Belinda Castles, Jessie Cole, Melissa Lucashenko)

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Speaker Profile:


Jenn J McLeod hit bestseller status when she was 53 with her debut novel, House for all Seasons. In addition to her novels, Jenn is published in short form and in industry magazines, maintains her own blog, and was a contributing author to the Australian Literature Review’s ‘Novel Writing in Australia’ monthly blog education series. When not writing life-affirming novels of small town life and country roots that run deep, talking about writing, or travelling the country in her fifth wheeler caravan, this very ordinary (slightly older) author is a LinkedIn, blogging, tweeting, Facebooking fifty-something-year-old who has turned her passion for writing into a career at an age when, she says, “a book like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ makes me think of my hair colour, rather than my love life!”

Jenn’s author talks blend amusing anecdotes and facts as she discusses both the inspiration for her stories and the process of getting a book from her head and onto the shelves, including how she turned a rock into a book. Whether you are an avid reader or an aspiring author, you will walk away from Jenn’s author talk with a greater appreciation of the book’s journey.

Author Talk/Festival Presenter/workshops

It Doesn’t Have To Be Fiction  – Writers…Making Your Passion Your Profession.

Sample Workshop Topics

Dual – Not Duel

My first attempt at a dual time period piece almost drove me to drink! There is no better teacher than experience (and re-writing your manuscript a dozen times!) So I am very happy to share what I learned from my fourth novel, The Other Side of the Season, which spreads the storytelling load over two winters—1979 and 2015. I could have set the story in current day and worked in lots of flashbacks to transport the reader to events thirty-five years earlier, but the negatives to using the flashback method have been well documented by others. They include:

  • Reader confusion.
  • A tendency to information dump.
  • A stalling narrative rather than a page-turning plot that constantly moves the story forward and carries readers along with it.

So I fought my way through, added grey hairs (but that’s okay because I am a grey nomad these days) and now I can share my 14 point dual time period plan with writers.

Preparing for Publication

They say luck happens when opportunity and preparedness meet. Being an author in today’s world can be as much about what you do when not writing to prepare for that lucky break. Right now you’re learning the craft (the writers’ tools of the trade), but what about the rest?  What are the non-writing tools of the trade and what can an aspiring author do (besides writing that novel) to prepare for publication and increase the chance of a publisher (but more than that—the marketing dept) saying those magic words… “You’re the one that I want.”?

  • Develop an author’s perspective of what it means to be “the business behind the book” and to better understand how today’s authors can benefit from a strong marketing plan and online presence.
  • Devise a plan to increase their reach, visibility, authenticity.
  • Identify branding opportunities, including blogs vs. websites.

Small Town Twists & Secrets

Stories about small towns and secrets are like wine and crackers – they go down so well! Learn the secret to a good secret, the ways to use secrets in fiction, and what a writer can do to put their own twist on a tried and true plot. (NOTE: ‘Small town’ doesn’t necessarily mean remote and dusty. This session will be just as relevant for any fictional group dynamic (eg the small community on the coast, the sleepy out of the way town that sits quietly on a lazy river, a city suburb, a crammed cul-de-sac—think Wisteria Lane!)