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LOOK at the authors and book lovers letting me park my mobile home on their lawn, drive, chrysanthemums, etc…

In my trusty fifth-wheeler caravan (I’ve named Barcoola) I’ll be dropping in (both literally and fictionally!) for a chat with a few of your favourite authors, as well as some new Australian voices, and chatting to book lovers, like you.

(And if you want MORE authors, check out my 2013 Author Harvest and 2014 Author Bar Yarns & Beer Nut blog.)

New South Wales (my home state)

Author – Maggie Joel

Author – Lisa Heidke

Author – Georgia Madden

Author – Deborah O’Brien

Author – Chris Taylor

Author – Annie Seaton

Author – Kim Kelly

Author – Kayte Nunn

Queensland (Perfect one day… yeah! yeah! rub it in!)

Author – Kylie Kaden

Author – Charlotte Nash

Author – Rebecca Jessen

Author – Rachel Amphlett

Author – Helene Young

Western Australia (Big, bigger, biggest)

Author – Lily Malone

Author – Tess Woods

Author – Rachael Johns

Author – Jennie Jones

South Australia (Wine, ranges and my relatives!)

Author – Meredith Appleyard –  fellow dog lover and awesome debut author

Victoria (Ocean roads and seas of green)

Author – Sandi Wallace

Author – Anne Gracie

Author – Lisa Ireland

Author – Georgina Penney (She’s Flying in and Flying out again!!)

Author – Honey Brown (book review – Six Degrees)

Author – Alli Sinclair

Author – Aoife Clifford

Tasmania (You little devils)

Author (& McLeod’s Daughters Producer) – Posie Graeme-Evans

ACT (Roundabouts, regulators and ripping-good readers!)

Do YOU know any ACT authors who might like to join the harvest?

Northern Territory (Rocks, Crocs, and Kakadu)

Author – Annie Seaton (Okay, so she’s from NSW but… Kakadu Sunset is ALL The Territory.)

Do YOU know any NT authors who might like to join the harvest?

Join me #WriteRoundOz as I harvest a new crop of Oz authors (and make my way around this great country.)



7 thoughts on “Author Harvest – #WriteRoundOz

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  2. Janine K

    Wonderful Jenn! I shall lsee OK forward to hearing all about these lovely people ???? And if you are in Melbourne at all I would love to meet for coffee/lunch/dinner/wine ????????

    1. Janine K

      Sorry should read I shall look forward, don’t know how those words appeared ????

  3. Renee

    Hey Jen! I’m up in the top end. Not sure if all your wheels will fit in my front yard, but I’d love to catch up for a cuppa – real or virtual. I’m an NT author-in-progress 😉


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