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Hello 2018! You’ve been a long time coming, but I’ve made good use of the wait. Last year was a time to travel, to fill the creative well and to read more books for pleasure. I did okay on all three, I think, but no one was happier to see that clock tick over at midnight than me.

This year will be a year to remember for so many reasons, but I’ll miss seeing family, as always. We left the place I call ‘home’  (Woolgoolga is a quaint seaside township on the NSW north coast where my dad and sister live) and while it’s always sad to say goodbye each time we head off — especially to an ageing dad — he understands the life of a  nomadic novelist. In fact, Dad instilled a love of camping in me as a child and as a family we had some great adventures. I am so inspired by my life on the road (and revisiting some of those same holiday destinations from my childhood) I am writing a new novel — a father/daughter story set in a caravan park (with a difference!). But first things first …

A Place To Remember will be released this coming March/April (depending on where you are in the world!) I was lucky to have spent the first part of the year in the very same part of the country where I wrote this story. The Capricornia Coast (central QLD) is where cowboys meet the coast.

Although A Place To Remember will be my fifth novel, getting to work with a new publishing house — the UK’s Independent Publisher of the Year, which includes working with the wonderful Rosie De Courcy (the London editor who first discovered Maeve Binchy and went on to be her editor for 23 years) — has me experiencing that fabulous ‘first book’ feeling all over again. There is a lot of excitement.

For the first time, people all over the world will be able to access one of my novels. It not only thrills me to know they will be reading about a uniquely beautiful part of the country I love, it is a long-held dream of mine. An author spends a heck of a long time getting a novel ready for publication and we invest so much of ourselves into the process. Of course we want as many people to read our work as possible. Thanks to the team at Head of Zeus, they can. So do let any friends/family living overseas know, or send them a link to my website.

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My UK publisher (Head of Zeus) is a joy to work with and do go to my Book Room to see up close what the talented Jessie Price (HofZ Art Director) has designed as a cover.

There will be some videos posted soon. I’m talking about A Place To Remember why it’s such a special story for me and a sneak peek at my inspiration for the novel.

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In other news . . . 

My last release, The Other Side of the Season, is still garnering some amazing reviews (as are all my seasons books, so thank you if you’ve posted one on Goodreads or another book platform). I took a risk creating Tilly ( a character some readers have found ‘challenging’) but, I promise she does redeem herself – and you’ll never guess how!

Thank you all for your continuing support and encouragement. Your feedback (reviews/emails) are appreciated.

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Speaking of favourite seasons…

My favourite seasons!

(Or if you are close by, come on over to the caravan. I’ll show you where I write and you can check out the books in person.

Jenn introduces her Seasons Collection of stories (and jumps out from behind trees!)