For Campers and Caravaners

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Are you, like me, travelling this big, beautiful country in a caravan or camper?

Are you here, on my website, because you are HERE – in the same caravan park right now?

If so, come on over and say hi. You can pick up a bookmark, or get me to sign your book. I’m the white (with purple decal) Southern Cross fifth wheeler with the one-eyed dog!

My books are available in all books retail outlets and as ebooks for your reader. See My Book Room for details and buy links.


If you’d like a signed copy I do have books on board. Come on over…

House for all Seasons $20 (paperback)

Simmering Season $20 (paperback)

Season of Shadow and Light $20 (paperback)

The Other Side of the Season (new release size) $30

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Jenn J

Happy travels.

7 thoughts on “For Campers and Caravaners

  1. Nadine Radomiljac

    Hi Jen love your books they are great I am hooked and can not wait for the next one. Keep them coming you really have a unique gift . With love nadine.

  2. Robyne

    Hi Jenn, it was so exciting to meet you at Coffs Harbour Library last Wed. (29th April) for the release of your latest book, Season of Shadow and Light. I purchased your first book, House of All Seasons, the thickest one I’ve ever attempted reading, and was simply blown away. You kept me glued to the pages, I loved each character’s story, and certainly enjoyed the ending very very much. You advised me to join a Writers Club, and if that sort of influence brings out writers like yourself, then I will search for one to become part of as soon as possible. What a book! I have ordered book 2. Go far in your career, Jenn. Warmly, Robyne

    1. Jenn J McLeod Post author

      What a wonderful message to read. You have inspired me to do a blog post for aspiring writers. I will get to that over the next few days (hopefully). Thank you, Robyne.

  3. Margaret Smith

    Hi Jenn, I have read all four of your books and have loved each one. My only disappointment was that each one had to finish! The characters you create are so believable and your stories capture perfectly the many aspects of life today. You are a brilliant story teller who captivates the reader totally and can’t wait for your next one!
    Warm regards

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