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The Story Behind The Book Cover

Crowned the UK’s Independent Publisher of the Year, 2017, Head of Zeus are a powerhouse and as my book nears that magic moment – release day – I can stop and take a breath and reflect on the joy of working directly with the team from very early on in the book creation process.

For a start, I got to work on edits with advice for the publisher, Rosie de Courcy. With the time zone differences, I would wake up in the morning, turn on the computer, and find encouraging feedback on my manuscript waiting among my emails. One of those emails arrived and I had to read it twice. In fact, I’ve saved it in my ‘Happy File’ because it started with the words: “Jenn, you’re so like Maeve. When I was working on her novels she would do the same ……….”

For the first time in four books I also got to liaise directly with in-house Art Director, Jessie Price. (Speaking of treasures…!!!) Mindful that HofZ is in the UK and my novel is set on a cattle station in Queensland, I decided to send a couple of pictures to show a typical Queenslander house. I’d found one ages ago, by artist John Newman (based in Noosa at the time). The painting, titled ‘Rockhampton House’ had inspired my ‘Ivy-May Homestead’ as I wrote.

‘Rockhampton Queenslander’ by John Newman

What a surprise to see, among the various cover choices I received, one had the very same image. I LOVED it! So HofZ acquired the rights so we could include it on on the cover.

Do check out John’s many Australian-inspired works. They are all beautiful.

I am also loving the ‘first book feeling’ and working so closely with Head of Zeus on this, my fifth novel, and can’t wait for March 19. (April 5 in the UK).

You can pre-order now. (All the links you need are on my Book Page or to Head of Zeus direct.)