Author Harvest ‘bales up’ Anna Campbell w/ giveaway

Author Harvest

Oh be still my trembling tummy! Look who I’ve managed to ‘bale up’ on Author Harvest AND she has a book to giveaway to one lucky person, somewhere in the world.

Yes, it’s Regency romance author queen – Anna Campbell – who I am certain will have prepared a lavish feast fit for a contemporary fiction princess like me (although with queen-like aspirations) and also have rogues on hand (out of bed, but drapped in a shimmering gold toga and…. ) Okay, so, wrong century. Maybe we’ll just ask Anna…

What HAVE you prepared for me?

Hi Jenn! Delighted to be here with you today. Here, have one of my famous chocolate slices. I’ve got the kettle on for tea.

(Tea? Oh, right-o, no rogue then? That’s okay. Not sure I’d know what to do with one anyway. Hand me a choccie slice instead and tell me….)

At home…

My mum says garden gnomes make a house a home! Are you loud and proud in your love of garden gnomes at home, a closet gnomer or with a strict ‘no gnomes’ policy at your place?

No gnomes, no pack drill!

(No roaming rogues either?)

What vegetable (or fruit) have you always wanted to grow at home?

Actually I grew up on an avocado farm. Growing things to eat at home has always seemed too much like going to work as a result!

(Hmm, that reminds me, I must ask you about my heavily pruned Mango tree that’s developed a white fungus rather than leaves! On the bright side, that avo tree with wet feet we talked about a while back is still trying. Bless it!)

If I came to your home and looked in the refrigerator, what would I find?


(Woot! I’ll get the glasses. Wine – good. Company – good. Life – good! Who needs a rogue?)

If you sorted your wardrobe by colour, what colour would stand out? (Ahh, do you sort your wardrobe by colour?!)


(And I so thought you’d say shimmering gold satin!! Black, huh? Is that black as in classic black? As in the new black? Or as in grunge black? Or, Anna Campbell, are you a secret Goth under that mask of elegance?)

What are you wearing now? (Be honest!)

Snort! You’re out to destroy the glam romance writer image, aren’t you? Let’s go for stained lime green singlet from Target and navy shorts. Not Vogue material! Gardening Australia perhaps.

(Hmm, probably not even Gardening Australia!)

Whose home would you like to housesit and why?

Chatsworth, the Duke of Devonshire’s house in Derbyshire in England. As long as someone else did the housework! Hey, I’d like to live the lifestyle of my Regency characters for a while. Purely for research purposes, you understand.

(Sorry, could not possibly survive without a flushing toilet, a coffee machine, and a computer – possibly in that order.)

Country curiosities…

We love a sunburnt country (slip, slop, slap and all that). What’s your ideal hat? Or are you a boots person?

I’m a boots person. Always feel like I’m Queen of the World when I’ve got a pair of boots on.

If you were a tree (or animal) what kind of tree (animal) would you be?

I think I’d like to be a dolphin. All that surfing and playing? Sounds like fun.

Now for the big question… Why did the chicken cross the road?

To buy the latest Anna Campbell historical romance! That chicken has taste (especially when roasted).

(LOL – Hey, leave the jokes to the host, will ya! )

About you…

Your turning point: when was that point in your life that you realized that being an author was no longer going to be just a dream but a reality and a career?

I sold my debut historical romance CLAIMING THE COURTESAN at Easter 2006. That was the turning point for me – before that I’d pretty much convinced myself that it wasIMG_0775 never going to happen.

(OGG! 2006. I had no idea. I thought you’d been at ‘it’ for ages (the writing, not the rogues!) The things you learn on blog posts! I’m even more impressed. Now I also know why you love your Easter bunnies! here’s a celebratory bunny just for you.)

What is the hardest part of writing for you?

First drafts are tough.

If someone was to write your biography, what do you think the title should be?THH low res

She Has Wine in Her Fridge.

(Not anymore! Hic! Well, we are toasting the latest novella – These Haunted Hearts – aren’t we?)

Fun stuff…

If I said to you, “Just entertain me for five minutes, I’m not going to talk,” what would you do?

Play selections from shows on the piano. I do a mean “Stranger in Paradise”. Hmm, ‘mean’ has so many connotations, doesn’t it?

(Ah, yes, Kismet. I do love a musical. number or two. Love South Pacific, so maybe after Stranger in paradise we could spend One Enchanted Evening with a Bloody Mary or two, enjoy a little Happy Talk, before we Wash That Man Right Outa Our Hair, and end up feeling Younger Than Springtime!)

So… how many of you know what on earth I’m talking about?

What food would you be, Anna?

The big cheese – at least in my dreams.

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Men in boots!

(And only boots? You cheeky minx, Anna Campbell. Have another drink. This interview is getting interesting.)

Name 5 uses for a stapler that has not staple pins.

  1. Paperweight.
  2. Burglar cosher.
  3. Toy mobile phone.
  4. Baby shark trainer.
  5. e-stapler

(LOL e-stapler. Love it!)

How weird are you? Rate yourself on a scale of 1 (not) to 10 (very).

Hmm, that would be telling!

Now for the GIVEAWAY…

Pour more champagne, someone, Anna Campbell will be sending a copy of her e-book These Haunted Hearts to one lucky commenter.

To go into the draw just tell us what we’d find if we peeped in your fridge. Wine is optional! (Open internationally. You have one week from now. Winner announced here.)

AND THE WINNER IS……. BRENDAAT59. Yay! Thanks to everyone for your comments – from wonderful to slightly weird! That was fun.

These Haunted Hearts is on Amazon and on Smashwords

And the blurb:

On one fateful wedding day at Marston Hall in 1818, four linked destinies hover in the balance.

Josiah Aston, Earl of Stansfield, wakes to discover he’s seventy years dead and he alone can free his beloved wife Isabella’s tormented soul. But first he must convince her to trust him against all the evidence…

Lady Isabella Verney, beautiful and tempestuous, married the man of her dreams, only to die violently on her wedding day. Every clue points to Josiah as the murderer…

Is true love strong enough to defeat ancient malevolence forever?

Miles Hartley, Viscount Kendall, is society’s ideal catch, but what does that matter if he can’t convince Calista Aston that he loves her? When an age-old curse strikes, only by proving himself worthy of her faith can he save their happiness…

Lady Calista Aston, noted bluestocking, fears she loves Miles Hartley not wisely, but too well. On her wedding day, her doubts place her at evil’s mercy. When death and disaster loom, is it courage or mad folly to believe that Miles loves her in spite of all her faults?

On one fateful wedding day at Marston Hall in 1818, will the lovers emerge triumphant or will darkness conquer all?

Website link to read an excerpt. If you don’t know Anna, or if you haven’t seen her gorgeous books, check out her website:

70 thoughts on “Author Harvest ‘bales up’ Anna Campbell w/ giveaway

  1. lidya

    You would find lots of milk, cream, Vege and fruits. We are trying to eat healthy food so our son will have healthy eating habits.

    1. annacampbell

      Trish, he told me he always picks up a book of yours when he’s over the other side too. As I said, clearly a chicken with discerning taste! Thanks for swinging by!

  2. Louise Reynolds

    Lovely post, Anna and Jenn. What’s in my fridge? OK, there’s always, always wine. There are a couple of cans of Guinness left over from our St Patrick’s day knees-up. Four types of cheese, smoked salmon. And then all the riff-raff. You know, milk, butter, mayo etc.

    1. annacampbell

      Louise, can I move in? Your alley sounds right up my fridge. Cheese and smoked salmon? Vino? Wow! Actually I know I sound like I’m joking about the wine in my fridge, but I’m not. Even when we’re down to two mouldy olives otherwise, there’s always something bubbly in there. And I don’t mean your lovely self!

  3. jennifer tanner

    Hi Anna & Jenn!

    Men in boots, huh? 🙂 I’m with you on the black wardrobe! Black is always in vogue. Come to think of it, most of my shoes are black too. Here’s what’s in my fridge…cheese, tortillas, greek yogurt, brussel sprouts, four bottles of champagne (that have been there for 5+ years…how long can you keep champagne?), and two dozen organic eggs from free roaming chickens. I already have the book so no need to enter me in the contest, but I would like a chocolate slice.

    1. annacampbell

      Hey, it’s Jen! I’m starting to get confused! Jen’s clearly are wonderful people! I always liked black – I remember having a fight with my mother when I was about ten because she wouldn’t let me have a black dress. Love the selection of stuff in your fridge – I think as long as champagne is on its side and the cork stays moistened, it will keep for a long time. My poor parents had a jeraboam of the good stuff that someone gave them and they stored it upright. When the opened it, the occasion and the champagne both fell flat.

  4. sourris25

    Fun interview, Anna, and wine in the fridge (nothing else?) I know which photo I’m posting on Friday for you! I have to say, These Haunted Hearts was a delightful read (just caught up last night). I loved the suspense and the double love story.

    Hey Jenn J — I totally know what you’re talking about, musical-wise at least! My debut novel, White Ginger, draws inspiration from that story! I was sure you’d pick that up! Or was the question a trick one?! lol

    Thanks, ladies. Always fun dropping by and pulling up a bale!

    1. sourris25

      BTW – leftovers, wine, ciders, and antipasti. (Forgot that part)

      1. annacampbell

        Ooh, that sounds OK! Right now I’ve got lots of delicious apples in my fridge. A lovely friend brought me a whole stack fresh-picked from Stanthorpe. YUM!!!

    2. annacampbell

      Hi Susanne! Thank you for hosting me on your lovely blog. And yes, you have the evidence of my fondness for champagne! I cannot tell a lie – well, at least when there is pictorial proof of my shenanigans! Actually I have to say I’m a HUGE musical fan. My parents listened to nothing much else so I missed out on rock’n’roll and went straight to Some Enchanted Evening (which was actually their song – always makes me smile).

  5. Linda

    Lots of fruit, vegetables, yoghurt & some jelly – I was industrious yesterday & made a batch of my fav longan milk jelly.

    1. annacampbell

      Wow, Linda, that’s impressive. Mind you, I’ve got apples in my fridge so it’s not all wine, women and song at my place!

  6. carolcork

    I’m not entering the competition because I’ve already got my copy of These Haunted Hearts but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the interview. So funny! Thank you so much Jenn and Anna 🙂

    1. annacampbell

      Carol, thanks for picking up THH! HOpe you enjoy it. Thanks for swinging by – so glad you enjoyed the interview. Jenn’s so funny!

  7. chriswh6

    Hilarious! Hi Jenn! Hi Anna! Lovely to see you two chortling at each other today. I might just help myself to a cup of tea and some chocky slice. Anna is a wonderful cook!

    Love the thought of you as a dolphin, Anna. I think you’d make a wonderful chittery chattery smiley frisky water mammal.

    Please excuse the incoherence. I’ve had a day. Now I’m looking forward to putting the feet up and reading THESE HAUNTED HEARTS.

    1. annacampbell

      Christine, thank you so much for picking up THH! Hope you enjoy it. I actually really like a novella when I just need that bite of romance goodness and I haven’t got time to sit down to the full hearty meal of a novel. Laughing at the chortling and the dolphin description! I rather like it! And here, have some choccy slice!

  8. Helene Young

    Another fabulous bale up! I now have an image of a boot clad Anna peering in her fridge at her selection of wine 🙂

    My fridge is a wasteland at the moment… Half a bottle of wine, a jar of peanut butter and some rather old curry pastes… Everything else has decamped to the boat fridge… A girl could starve or become a lush…

    1. annacampbell

      Helene, I’ll send you a photo! Oh, dear, the fridge sounds like it’s a bit sad. The boat fridge sounds much more up my alley!

  9. writenote1

    Hmmm. All the interesting stuff went on the weekend – we had salted caramel popcorn, mud choc muffins, fruit and crepe batter … Today you will find leftover enchiladas from last night, chicken for tonight’s dinner, loads of fruit and veg, milk and pet food. And a glass of limoncello for after dinner.

    1. annacampbell

      Wow, that’s a really interesting selection of stuff in your fridge. I’m impressed with all you girls who have PROPER food in the fridge. And leftovers. I love leftovers but I only really have them when I’ve had visitors – and then it depends on how hungry the visitors were!

  10. anniewest

    What a fun interview! Thanks, Jenn and Anna.

    Thinking about my fridge – lots of veges, some fresh raspberries – a treat, nice cheese and yes, wine.

    Don’t put me in the draw – it should go to someone who hasn’t got Anna’s latest, which by the way, is a real treat.

    1. annacampbell

      Hey, Annie, so glad you enjoyed These Haunted Hearts. It was fun to play in a different sandpit when I wrote it – all the nice woowoo stuff along with the nice historical details too. Like the sound of what’s in your fridge! I don’t like strawberries but I love raspberries!

  11. brendat59

    What a wonderful blog post Jenn! You had me laughing along with yours and Anna’s antics!! If you peeped in my fridge, you’d find many things…but the stand-out would have to be yogurt!

    1. annacampbell

      Brenda, a yoghurt fan, I take it? There’s a lovely gourmet one they sell locally here that I really like. The raspberry one is the best. Laughing at you calling our serious professional discussion ‘antics’! This is SERIOUS!

  12. Anna Sugden

    Hi Jenn! Hi Anna, love! What a fabulous interview – great way to start my day!

    Don’t enter me in the draw either as I already have all Anna’s fabulous books – I snagged this one as soon as it appeared! I’m saving it as a treat for when I finish my proposal chapters!

    Hmm what’s in the fridge – wine, cheese, wine, chocolate, beer, eggs, veggies, home-made pate (made by my dashing rogue) and wine. There’s also a rather nice red I know Anna will love breathing on the side. 😉

    1. annacampbell

      Ooh, you had me at the nice red. And then you went and mentioned homemade pate! Yum, yum, yum! Thanks for picking up THH! Hope you enjoy this. And good luck with your proposal. I’m hanging out till your debut appears next September. A PERFECT DISTRACTION is going to be a perfect distraction!

  13. Caren Crane

    Burglar cosher. *snort* Jenn, thanks so much for harvesting Anna. Heaven knows, she has been growing wild and out of control for far too long! To the question about the fridge, though, I would say kefir milk. I ferment my own kefir milk and tend to have several jars on hand for whipping up smoothies, using in cooking or gifting to friends. It’s probiotically scrumptious!

    And I am a big fan of ‘South Pacific’ so I knew your song references, too! Anna knows how I adore a musical. Hey, we could organize a global flash mob to show tunes! Anna, get on that one, will you?

    Don’t let Anna tell you she hasn’t got a rogue stashed around, either. He may not be in bed (or he may) but he’s somewhere around here!

    1. annacampbell

      Well, hello, Caren baby! You live and learn – I had no idea what kefir milk was. Just looked it up! You never know what you’ll find out from Happy Talk! Love the idea of all of us getting together to do There is Nothing Like a Dame as a flash mob. I’ll send you details! And you keep your paws off my rogue! 😉

  14. Nancy Northcott

    Fun interview, Anna and Jenn! My fridge has healther contents than usual. The dh just made his signature guacamole, and we have fresh, chopped pineapple in a bowl. And there’s an amazing assortment of condiments.

    And a little wine.

    No need to put me in the giveaway. I already have These Haunted Hearts and am looking forward to reading it!

    1. annacampbell

      Hey, thanks for picking up THH, Nancy! Love the sound of what’s in your fridge. I love guacamole. Well, growing up on an avo farm, I would, wouldn’t I?

  15. Jo Robertson

    What a delightful interview, Jenn and Anna! I learned so many clever subtleties about Anna that I didn’t know.

    We’ll put the wine in the fridge line on your tombstone, Anna!

    Me? I’m a cheese fan so you’d likely find cheese — lots and lots of cheese — and of course, the requisite milk. Probably not much else, unfortunately.

    Congrats on your latest release!

    1. annacampbell

      Jo, clever subtleties? I didn’t know I had any! Or are you talking about the rogue wearing nothing but boots? LOL! Hey, there are worse epitaphs! Love cheese, especially, unfortunately, the really high fat ones like brie and camembert. Thanks for the congrats!

  16. Cassondra Murray

    Fun interview! Lessee…in my fridge there IS wine…and more in the rack (red–not chilled and all that) There is also a lot of different cheese, some leftovers, heavy cream, beer for company. And bacon. It’s a hodgepodge in there.

    1. annacampbell

      Ooh, Cassondra, sounds like you’re covering most of the food groups. Cream and bacon! And wine! Actually there’s more wine OUT of the fridge than in – I’m mainly a red drinker although I do like me some bubbly.

  17. Donna MacMeans

    What a fun interview! Who knew Anna secretly longed to be Flipper 🙂 .

    Hmmm… You’d probably find some undefinable green moldy stuff in my fridge. It doesn’t get cleaned out enough. My daughter does all the cooking and she gets cramming more stuff in there. I don’t have a lot of wine in there but the whiskey cabinet is stocked to overflowing.

    Congrats on the Haunted Hearts. It calls for a toast – Cheers!

    1. annacampbell

      Hey, thanks for the congrats, Donna. Always happy to raise a glass in a toast. Or not in a toast, in fact! Just raising a glass is enough for me mostly. Hic! Love that the whisky cabinet is full! My mum was a whisky drinker, love the smell. Laughing at the green stuff in the fridge. Think I’ll go and stay with Cassondra instead. She has bacon!

  18. Suzanne Ferrell

    Oh my Anna! The things I’ve learned about you…once I translated all that conversation to American!

    What would you find in my fridge? Hmmm…Left over Hershey’s chocolate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Salad. Part of a potato gratin. Fruit, (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, oranges). Beer. oh…and organic greek yogurt with cherry compote. And Wine.

    1. annacampbell

      Suz, your fridge actually sounds pretty good to me. You’ve covered all the food groups too! Laughing at the local lingo causing a few hiccups! You can now say you speak a foreign language – Aussie!

  19. Tawny Weber

    OMG I’m laughing so hard, my face hurts. What a stellar and fabulous interview!! Kudos to you both 🙂

    Hmmm… in my fridge right now. Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. It’s what gets me through, I’m tellin’ ya!

    Anna, I have my copy of Haunted Hearts here to download and am so excited to read it!! It’s my ‘turn in the darned book already’ treat!!! Congrats on what I’m sure is another fabulous release 😉

    1. annacampbell

      Tawny, glad we raised a smile! Actually I think my answers were perfectly sensible. It’s that mad Jenn who turned it all into a party! Hmm, a fridge full of chocolate? I think I want to visit. As long as there’s wine there too! Thank you so much for picking up THH! Hope you have fun with it. I read both your latest Seal books last week as a “book approved’ treat. Yum!

  20. NancyS.Goodman

    Second time today Anna has me choking down the laughter!! I had no idea you wrote a haunted novella and since I suck down everything you write, I can’t wait to read it! and yes men in boots…yum yum. Only thing better is well… never mind!! 🙂
    Great, great interview!

    1. annacampbell

      Ooh, Nancy, if my books are in your fridge, that definitely covers all the food groups! Didn’t we have fun getting blotto in the grotto this morning. I hope your workmates have settled down! Thanks for swinging by, glad you enjoyed the questions!

  21. Marie Miller

    My fridge probably resembles my life; chock full of everything, balacing plates on top of one another, things dying out the back, a bit of spice and lots of cheese 🙂 No there’s no wine ( I have a complete other fridge for that!!!!) So looking forward to reading the These Haunted Hearts. I found The Winter Wife very inspiring.

    1. annacampbell

      Marie, so glad you enjoyed the Winter Wife! Thanks for letting me know. Laughed at your fridge description – and what a civilised way of handling things that you have a whole nuther fridge for wine! That’s great thinking!

  22. Cath Evans

    Great interview, Anna and Jenn.

    I think “not telling” is really a 10 on the weirdness scale, especially after some of those answers!! 🙂

    My fridge has hot cross buns in it – but of course they aren’t hot just at the moment!

    Happy Easter!

    Cath xo

    1. annacampbell

      Cath, what are you trying to say there? 😉 Ooh, hot cross buns. Love Brumby’s chocolate ones although they’re not really ‘right’, are they? Happy Easter!

  23. Lily Malone

    My fridge has beer (Coopers Pale Ale), oh, and my five year old’s yoghurt-making experiment. (Truly, don’t ask Anna, or Jenn). It’s frightening.
    Lovely interview!
    Lily M

    1. annacampbell

      Hi Lily! Wait, I’m having a psychic moment – I get them since writing a ghost story. You like to drink….BEER! Yes, that’s right, beer. Am I right? Thanks for saying you enjoyed the interview – and no, thanks, that yoghurt’s all yours! 😉

  24. Manuela

    hahahahahahaha, just did the shopping today and raided the fridge freezer of a good friend of mine who is going to Sydney for a week. Have lots of cheese and bread and tomato sauce in it. Frozen veggies in the freezer, no alcohol (that is in the pantry).

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  26. Jenn J McLeod Post author

    AND THE WINNER IS……. BRENDAAT59. Yay! Thanks to everyone for your comments – from wonderful to slightly weird! That was fun.

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