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Do you like signed copies? My bookshop never closes.

I carry a small supply of books on board Myrtle The Turtle (caravan) and I’ll happily sign books and pop them in the post to you. If it’s a pressie for someone special I can send direct, along with a note from me. See below for how to order and associated postage charges. (NB: Books in order of publication – from most recent. The Seasons Collection consists of the following four stand alone stories.)

Jenn J xx

SOSAL final

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SEASON: In 1979 life is simple in Watercolour Cove until tragedy strikes, starting a chain reaction that will ruin lives for years to come. Those who can, escape. One stays — trapped on the mountain for thirty years, haunted by memories and lost dreams.

New release size paperback: $30.00 + postage


SOSAL B format

SEASON OF SHADOW AND LIGHT: When it seems that everything Paige trusts is beginning to betray her, she leaves her husband at home and sets off on a road trip with her six-year-old daughter, Matilda, and Nana Alice in tow.

Paperback (regular): $20.00 + postage


Simmering Season Jenn J McLeod lge

SIMMERING SEASON: Back in Calingarry Crossing to sell the family pub, Maggie Lindeman has no idea a perfect storm is heading her way until her past and present collide with the unexpected. *limited stock on board

Paperback (regular): $20.00 + postage


HFAS B formatHOUSE FOR ALL SEASONS: Estranged since the death of a young girl twenty years earlier, four former school friends inherit the hundred-year-old Dandelion House and uncover a shocking secret that links them to each other and to the mystical country house forever.

Paperback (regular): $20.00 + postage


POSTAGE (via Aust. Post bags) will be added, as follows:
Buy any 1 x book – $9 postage.
Buy any 2 or 3 books – $14 postage (to a single address).
Buy the Seasons Collection (4 books) – FREE postage (to a single address).


  • Until I have my PayPal payments set up,  please use this form to email me.  Let me know which book (so I can check stock) and I will reply directly with bank deposit details and to find out who to sign the book for and where to send it.  

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  • Jenn’s SHOP is for Australian residents. Sorry, I am unable to ship printed books internationally. (Blame Aust Post for the outrageous costs!) You can buy e-books to gift – see links at bottom of page.

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Buy The Other Side of the Season e-book: Amazon, Buy Kobo, Buy iTunes

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