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The perfect storm is about to blow the lid off a lifetime of secrets when Calingarry Crossing’s Centenary celebrations and school reunion bring home more than memories for publican, Maggie Lindeman.

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Monique (Write Note Reviews): “McLeod is adept at infusing a distinct Australian atmosphere into her writing via characters and description; this Aussie feel is one of the things I enjoy most about her books because it all feels so familiar. Simmering Season is a worthy read and a good follow up to House for all Seasons…”

Jodi (Goodreads):Simmering Season is aptly titled. The book simmers along nicely for the first third, then boils over with some action and revelations, then simmers down towards the end.”

Karen (Goodreads):Simmering Season is a magnificent roller coaster of emotions, with characters who pull on your heart strings, frustrate you immensely and leave you crying for more.”

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House for all Seasons Jenn J McLeod

 And look at these lovely comments about House for all Seasons…

From Dianne Blacklock (Author of The Best Man – which is a great read!): “Such a warm, engaging read, and such a

Kylie Ladd (Author of Into My Arms (intriguing story):
  “I thought it was fabulous. What a lovely job you did of weaving everything together at the end. Bravo!” xx (Twitter)cast of great characters! I note people have been telling you their favourite, and it was
Poppy for me. All the women had their appeal, but Poppy drew me right in. I don’t know what it was, but that’s the beauty of having the four characters, all readers will find someone they particularly relate to. Well done you!”

Bree (1girl2manybooks): “From the inside out, this book is beautiful. A story that sweeps you in and holds you Buy buying linksthere. There’s a little bit of magic in this one.”

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In a country house, surrounded by the past, four friends discover … small towns can keep big secrets.

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Bar Yarns with Author – Kate Belle w/ giveaway

Does the name Kate Belle ring any bells? Well, she’s a fellow Simon & Schuster author and while we’ve been on this publishing journey together, we have yet to meet in person. I hope to rectify that soon.

In the meantime, Kate has dropped into the Calingarry Crossing pub for a beer and a beer nut with me and to chat about her latest women’s fiction novel Being Jade. (And it’s ringing bells with readers and reviewers everywhere and you can win a copy below.)

I have to say,“Sometimes the strongest love casts the darkest shadow” is an evocative tagline (and I am rather partial to the concept of shadows given with my next release will be titled: Season of Shadow and Light.)

So, come on in, Kate. Grab a pew. What can I get you to go with your beer nuts? (Shandy? Wine Spritzer? Pink Lemonade?)

Harvey Wallbanger? No, seriously, I’ve never had one of those. I usually down a glass of bubbles pretty quickly, but with beer nuts?? Don’t suppose you have any macadamia’s lying around?

Hey, did you hear the one about … 

I had to google one. I only know really stupid jokes that make 8 year old’s laugh. Not sure this one’s any better but here goes…

What did the snail say to his wife?


I’m a beer nut nut! What bar snack would you be and why?

Do they have chocolate coated liquorice in bars? Well they should! The one’s from Aldi’s…nom nom…arethebessshhht…nom nom.

Ahh, that beer hit the spot. Let me slip a drink coaster under your glass while you tell us—on a scale of 1 to 10—as a writer are you a messy desker or tidy desker? (NB: 1 = “I am a neat nut case” and 10 = “What desk? Where? Is there a desk here somewhere?”) Are you game to post a working space picture right now?

My desk is a picture of organisation.

Oh MY GOD – No, Jenn, please don’t put that photo up – please – NO, JENN, NO!

Oh, how embarrassing.

The publican offers you free drinks all night if you will:

  • Dance to Gangnam Style
  • Sing John Denver’s ‘Take me Home Country Roads’ on the Karaoke machine
  • Spend an hour washing dishes

Which do you choose?

I’ll do anything (yes, ANYTHING), except wash god damned dishes.

(I do an impressive rendition of ‘Hey Big Spender’ on the Karaoke, by the way. Especially after 1 or 2 champagnes (bottles that is)!)

Time to liven the place up. Got a buck? We can crank up the old jukebox in the corner. You get to pick three songs.

WOOO HOOOO – Parteee time – Let’s get down!

  1. Baby I’m a Star – Prince (gets me leaping around the kitchen EVERY time)
  2. It’s a long way to the top – AC/DC (it soothes my inner bogan)
  3. It’s Raining Men by pretty much anybody – it’s more like a prayer than a song – Amen!

There’s a stapler on the bar. Tell me what it’s doing there?

Tap dancing and telling jokes. (What did you put in that champagne, Jenn?)

The pub is the heart of a small town and most locals would be lost without one. What are three things you’d be lost without?

  1. My iPad – ooops – I’ll get in trouble for putting that first – My ever lovin’ family and friends.
  2. My iPad (strokes it lovingly and glazes over)
  3. What? Three things you say? Oh, other authors – you all ROCK! x

There are a few good prizes up for grabs in the bar jackpot. Do you have a lucky number?

Always 7 – couldn’t tell you why. I fairly fancy 3 sometimes too, though. And 9 has a certain resonance to it. And I don’t mind the occasional…

Last drinks, my friend! It’s been great. But before we go, tell us how we can find out more about you and your writing/books.

It’s time to go? But the party’s just got started. Hey, bartender – order up – drinks all round. Now, where’s that jukebox? C’mon Jenn, dance with me…I promise I won’t sing in your ear this time…


A tragic death. A family divided. One truth can set them free.

Banjo Murphy is killed on the night he finally musters the courage to walk away from his wife Jade after twenty five years of repeated infidelities. In the aftermath, Banjo is bewildered to discover he still exists, but death has placed an invisible wall between him and his beloved family. In despair he watches Jade collapse into deep depression and his daughters, Lissy and Cassandra, struggle with their unexpected loss.

Lissy is tortured by guilt and the mysteries surrounding her father’s death. What compelled Banjo to leave the night he died? Why won’t Jade speak about what happened? In spite of their volatile relationship, Lissy believes her parents’ love to be enduring, but sensible Cassandra sees things differently. When Cassy discovers a sketch book chronicling Jade’s extra-marital affairs, the truth of their parents’ relationship begins to unfold and Lissy’s loyalties are divided.

Searching for answers, Lissy contacts Jade’s ex-lovers, unaware her father’s spirit watches as they visit. Unable to let go of his one true love, he aches to know that Jade loved him above all others. Banjo is taken on a journey of discovery through Jade’s memories as the lovers unveil long hidden secrets about her affairs. But the mystery remains, frustrating Banjo and Lissy, until Lissy’s questioning leads her to an explosive truth. One that will finally set her family free.

Buy links: Simply click and smile (and you will smile because Kate’s stories are sensual, sensory and sensational.)





Find out more about Kate and her books at Simon & Schuster

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. The winners (as voted on Facebook) is ‘MUM’ and ‘COMPROMISE’. Congratulations to Gloria and Sharon:  WIN a copy of Being Jade from Simon and Schuster. Simply leave a comment. One word will do. What is the most powerful word you’ve heard describe love? (or just leave a comment. We are not fussy around here. We just like comments!!)

About Kate Belle:

Kate is a multi-published author of dark, sensual love stories that will mess with your head. Her interests include talking to strangers, collecting unread books, and ranting about the world’s many injustices. She writes regularly about women, relationships, sexuality and books on her blog, The Ecstasy Files. She is also the creator of the Eros in Action writing sex workshop.

Kate lives, writes and loves in Melbourne with her small family and very annoying pets. The Yearning was released in 2013 to rave reviews. (Mine was one of them: My review of Kate’s first book – The Yearning - or How I lost my erotic genre virginity!)

Being Jade is her second novel.
Blog/website: http://www.ecstasyfiles.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/katebelle.x

Twitter: @ecstasyfiles https://twitter.com/ecstasyfiles

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6572571.Kate_Belle

The Reading Room: http://www.thereadingroom.com/kate-belle/ap/2394119


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